Thursday, January 31, 2008

Style Diaries

I recently discovered StyleDiary, a site for girls/women to post pictures of their day to day outfits. It’s a lot of fun seeing how “normal” people put together a mix of H&M or Zara and high end items like Phillip Lim or Balenciaga. Some posters kindly put the brand they are wearing so I like to hunt down those designers. Famous blogger Susie Bubble puts up her outfits here too! Here are some of my favorites.

Oversized and draped clothing that looks so comfy.

I love her casual NY chic- epitome of what I want my style to be. Funky cool jewelry.

Rocking it out in minis and boots

I’m so jealous of her designer clothes!

Black_and_goGirl of many styles- she can be girly or risqué, grungy or put-together. Love it all.

Eclectic and Crazy- not many people can pull it off, but RabidPescatore does it with a flare. I’ve never seen so much color in my life.

Now I really want to start a style diary too! But I better not- I can barely keep up with daily updates on this blog. ^ ^ ;

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brahmin Bags

Louis Vuitton, Dooney & Bourke, Marc Jacobs, and Coach. They are all brand name purses that most women adore. It used to be that people bought these purses for their craftsmanship but now, I think people buy it for the name. I'm not saying that I don't buy and adore Coach, but almost every women walking around in the shopping mall is carrying Coach. I really don't want to see five other people with my purse when I paid $200 for it. So if you're anything like me and you're searching for a new staple purse for the season at a reasonable price (and when I say reasonable, I really mean the $200-$400 price range), I would suggest you consider Brahmin. The bags are absolutely beautiful without blaring logos. Most of the larger purses are $300-$400, a little on the pricy side, but each one looks like it's worth more. I think with Brahmin, you are truly getting your money's worth in quality.

Armani Privé Couture S08

I must say, I adored this show- definitely one of Armani's bests. The show consisted of a mix of sexy, punging v, business suits and artful pleating/rosette detailing. It was all very chic and very beautiful. The best looks were silver or black and white. I loved most of the dresses, but I found a few too overworked. The construction was exquisite, but to pair that with lots of color was a mistake. I felt some color combinations clashed and it was distracting.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture S08

I thought this show was a lot of fun- and tastefully so. It started with beautifully tailored dark suits- similar to the Armani and Givenchy show this year. Instead of boring, I thought these suits were witty and sexy- although that just might be the wet hair. Slowly, Gaultier revealed the true theme of the show- mermaids. There were glimmers of the theme in the suits, but by the end, some outfits were nothing more than classier renditions of Ariel’s costume. Overall, I really enjoyed this mix between fashion and fantasy.

Chanel Couture S08

Some people have been blogging about how amazing the Chanel show looked this year- but I don’t necessarily agree. Chanel went back to its roots this season, going back to the classic Chanel jacket. The theme was unsubtly manifested in the giant Chanel jacket that graced the middle of the runway. Most outfits consisted of the Chanel jacket, a mini skirt or mini dress, and flats. I like each of the elements separately, but together, the make even tall lanky models boxy. The few that didn’t look boxy were saved by a black outfit paired with black leggings and black shoes. Overall, Chanel '08 was not good, not bad. I did like Devon Aoki closing the show.

The few stunners in the show.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Elie Saab Couture S08

His clothes are stunning, no doubt about it, but year after year, Saab creates the same look. The different seasons all look the same; no dress or season stand out. All Elie Saab dresses are silky, draped, beaded, and glamorously red carpet. I can’t say the Elie Saab shows are particularly interesting or surprising, but they display the most beautiful gowns ever created. If I ever have the money to afford a couture dress, it will definitely be an Elie Saab one.

This baby blue dress is my favorite for '08.
How I wish I could buy it.
Instead I will lust in vain.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spring 2008 Couture Week

What an exciting couple of days! Most the major houses have put out their couture looks. Some were outstanding, while others were mediocre with a few eye-catching looks. Today I'll start with Christian Lacroix's collection.

Per usual, Lacroix has a Parisian Lady look to his clothes...

Except add a clown or two...

And then you get something like this...

And then, of course, there were the wonderfully draped and ruffled pieces that I love. These three being my favorite.

Overall, the show was typical Christian Lacroix- the frills,
the intricate details lavishly piled on, the exaggerated theme.
Sadly enough, what I loved most was not the clothes themselves,
but rather the black and white, plaid shoes and the gradient tights.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Confessions of a First Time Ebay User

I have always been an ebay watcher, but never a buyer. I was too afraid of getting ripped off and who wants to pay $10+ shipping fees for a $7 dress? Anyway, two nights ago I googled Patrick Cox (of wedding shoe fame). Somehow I stumbled upon these pink Patrick Cox shoes on ebay... that were in my size... and only $20 including shipping cost!! What a deal!

They were such a bargain that I decided to sign up. The auction ended at 8:10 PM, so I checked back on those shoes at 8:00. To my surprise, only 1 person had bid on them so I thought I could snatch those shoes under her nose. I waited until one minute before to place in my bid. I was sure I was going to get those shoes. When the bid got entered, an error page showed up instead, saying I had to enter my credit card information. What?!? Nobody told me I had to enter my credit card info before I could even bid. I quickly filled in my info and tried to bid again. Arrrggg! The auction ended... and someone else had MY shoes for a bargain. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream- instead I settled for hitting my bed with a stack of papers. I hope those shoes were fake, fake, fake. I know, I'm pretty vindictive.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Couture Extraordinaire: Colleen Quen

In honor of this week's Project Runway challenge, I wanted to post couture dresses. When you think of couture, you think of the big names like Dior, Lacroix, and Chanel. Instead I want to show you a relatively unknown couture artist Colleen Quen. I love couture because they seem more like art than clothing. With Quen's dresses, the clothes take center stage, and the body is simply the canvas.

Bird of Paradise

Pyramid Coat

5 Elements Earth Dress

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mint Jodi Arnold

Just window-shopping on and discovered a new designer love, Mint Jodi Arnold. Here are three of my favorite looks, in order, on ShopBop.

The middle ruffled dress is *only* $145.20
compared to the usual $400 price tag.

This one reminds me of Katie Holmes' dress.

And this one reminds me of Victorya's Ice Princess dress on
Project Runway, if she had used the silver side throughout the dress.