Friday, July 18, 2008

Vintage Evening Bags

Right now I am in love with vintage styled evening bags. I recently went to a local festival and found a stall that refurbished vintage evening bags. The festival brings together local artists and craftsmen, and I always go to stock up on fun, unique, but inexpensive jewelry. However, what really caught my eye this time was the tiny beaded pouches, jewel box-like evening bags, and sparkly minaudieres that were being sold in this vintage stall. I was dying to own one, but I knew these tiny purses cost a fortune so I didn’t even bother to look at the price tags. Evening bags are elaborately crafted and just scream glamour. Just another item to add to the ‘want but don’t need’ pile- but that never stops me from looking them up on the internet.

At Bergdorf Goodman, THE designer of classy evening bags is Leiber. It is a brand that really stays true to the decadent styles of past black tie affairs.

Leiber Cylinder Minaudiere (top): $4,495.00. Chrystalline Clutch (middle): $1,995.00. Chantelaine Madagascar Clutch (bottom): $3,695.00. Gazing at lovely Leiber bags on my computer: Priceless.

Part of the problem with spending mucho dinero on expensive vintage clutches is that most people do not attend black tie events on a regular basis. Let me count the number of times I used an evening bag in my life… oh yeah, once for prom. This is why I think using BagBorrowOrSteal is ideal. You can borrow a Leiber bag for a short time- because an evening bag is required only once a year for most people and that’s usually New Year's Eve-at a fraction of its retail price. BBoS also has a great selection that anyone has access to.

Maxim Vintage Lucite Evening Bag

Leiber Marquise Evening Handbag

J.B. Vintage Spanish Vanity Case

Leiber Vintage Tulip Minaudiere

Hobe Vintage Rhinestone Frame Evening Bag