Monday, April 20, 2009

W.I.N. (Want it Now!) - Embroidered Heels

Lately I've been falling in love with embroidered heels. They are ornate and decadent. They go perfectly with a simple cocktail dress or they can be the hidden gem under long dark-denim jeans and a casual top. I love how detailed embroidered shoes are but because of the details, they tend to be very pricey. If I were to ever own one, the pair would be the star of my shoe collection.
Mary Norton Desire : $148.50
Gold on black is so classic. This pair is GORGEOUS!

Dior Paraiso Embroidered Slingback $750.00
Raffia is an unusual embroidery choice, but this sandal is anything but ordinary.

Plenty by Tracy Reese for Keds : $80.00
Tracy Reese brings sophistication to the sneaker brand Keds with a stunning embroidered wedge. If only they got rid of the Keds label on the side.

Alexander McQueen Embroidered Ankle Strap Shoes : $420.00
I bet these would go amazing with a Balmain blazer.

Sergio Rossi : $385.25
If shoes could kill, I would be knocked dead with one of these. Champagne colored leather, elaborate floral embroidery, and a sprinkling of crystal equal one luxurious shoe.

Sergio Rossi : $280.00
I saw these on Gilt Final Sale for $78.00 and wanted one badly, but they were in someone's cart for the longest time until it finally sold out. The design reminds me of organic art nouveau prints, but these much better because I can wear them on my feet.

Jessica Bennett Havana Embroidered Pump : $49.94
A.k.a. - Sergio Rossi Knockoffs

Christian Louboutin Pink 'Let's Go' D'orsay Pumps : $1,223.99
These are one pair of Louboutins that won't go unnoticed. Girly and decadent, these are definitely in my top 10 Louboutin list.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fashion Sweepstakes Around the Web

Old Navy Cash In Sweepstakes: 1 person selected in Feb 2010 wins $5000. You can enter once a day from now until January 30, 2010. Pretty slim odds if you ask me.

Lucky Breaks May 2009: Lucky mag has multiple contests going on every month, but you can only enter once each. You can always win the cover outfit but there are other prizes this month like a $500 shoe shopping spree or a beautiful Lodis handbag set. Lucky is probably my favorite place for monthly giveaways because you only enter once (so you don't have to visit everyday) and the stuff they give is usually amazing.

Marie Claire Monthly Giveaways: Like Lucky mag, you can enter a contest to win the cover look as well as different beauty products. Also this month they have a special undies giveaway. Everyday there's a different set of undies up for grabs. Marie Claire is definitely worth a look if you go 'geek' over beauty products. Just make sure you always opt out of subscriptions!

Alexander Wang Donna Bag
: 04/15-04/29. One (1) entry per person and only one winner selected. Get automatically sent updates so use your junk email.

Oscar de la Rental Resort 2010 Tickets for Two: 4/16 to 5/30. One (1) entry per person and only one winner selected. No transportation or lodging provided. Good for people who live in NYC or don't mind taking a trip there during resort show season. These tickets better be front row!

Harper's Bazaar Jumble of Monthly Sweepstakes: This month it's a trip to Puerto Rico, Pantene products, and a $1,000 shopping spree.

Teen Vogue: Not only does Vogue almost never have giveaways but it's little sister mag Teen Vogue has very passable giveaways. A few products, some jewelry- usually nothing worth over $100. Thankfully this month they have two rather covetable prizes: a $4,000 gift card and a Flip MinoHD camera which retails for $229. Oh and you can submit as many times as you want except there's usually only one winner:
To enter, complete and submit electronically the online entry form at Enter as often as you wish, but for each entry the entry form must be individually completed. Entries submitted using any kind of bot or automated technology will be deleted.
What a difference from mature women mags (like Lucky) that only let you submit once during the span of the contest. Clearly these people believe in the endurance of 13 year olds who have nothing better to do but cut and paste.

Elle and Elle Girl: Elle usually has some nice things and Elle Girl has some decent, not very expensive, stuff that's still better than Teen Vogue. You can apply for every contest once per day during a certain period, which requires you to regularly visit the site to improve your chances.

That's all I can think of for now. tells me there should be Vera Wang, Roger Vivier, and YSL giveaways soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vera Wang Bridal

Although Vera Wang is a fixture in the NY Fashion scene, she is best known for her wedding dresses. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey, and Kate Beckinsale chose to wear Vera Wang for their special day. It's no wonder that her 2010 Bridal collection is something to be in awe of. The collection is what I call 'beautifully disordered' because even though the ruffles have raw hems and are arranged randomly, the effect is still elegant. The amazing part is that Vera has lowered her median price point 30 to 40 %, from $5,500 to $3,800.

'The Dress' I would happily get married in.

Images: FWD

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bizarre Hats for Fall 2009

The Fall 2009 collection featured a lot of kooky hats. I hope designers don't actually want their head gear translated into everyday wear- it would be too weird. I think these designers just want to have a little fun during a time when their budgets are slashed. Take a look yourself.

Handbag Hats from
Isaac Mizrahi
GI Helmets from
Narciso Rodriguez Recycled Props as Hats from Alexander McQueen Looks like McQueen was rummaging through the home decor section of Marshall's. Borrowed from Junye Watanabe- cans bundled in seranwrap to form a bizarrely shaped turban In case it rains, you can wear one of these :) Baguette Hat from Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Bird Nest from Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Neon Fur Trappers from Michael Kors Oversized Ethnic Bows and Wraps from Tao Stuffed Animal Headgear from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Nun Headwrap from Marc Jacobs

W.I.N. (Want it Now!) - Contrast Piping

Contrast piping looks smart and posh especially on jackets.

Gorgeous Crystal Jewelry (Guess the Price!)

Think you're a good jewelry appraiser? The price of one of these dazzling pieces is under $100, another under $1,000, and the third is under $10,000. Can you guess which is which?

Click to find out!
A) Earrings
B) Necklace
C) Necklace

Friday, April 10, 2009

Price Check Please! - Kenneth Cole Weekend Sale

It's very hard to restrain myself from spending money when my hobby is finding deals. I would love to do some serious shopping on the Kenneth Cole Online shop because there's an additional 30% off select sale items this weekend. So 65% off plus another 30% on some clearance items equal a great deal.

Grey Penny Loafer Pump: $215.00 $34.97

Gold Textured Ring: $35.00 $13.99

"Blind Date": $160.00 $48.98

100% Wool Sweater Dress: $158.00 $27.98

Flap Down Handbag: $288.00 $69.99

How cute is this?
Key Chain Boot: $25.00 $6.98

Since the sale's from Friday 12:00 AM- just an hour ago, head over there ASAP before everything good is gone!