Monday, September 14, 2009

Anna Sui’s Target Collection Getting the Love

The day every Gossip Girl Fashionista has been waiting for, Anna Sui’s Target collection is finally online. Many reviews are already up, averaging around 4 stars. Many buyers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the clothes. However, this collection is definitely on the pricier side. The dresses sell for $45 to $70, and the priciest items is a $150 leather jacket. Several people also noted that they had to go up a size, so if you are buying online, think about doing the same.

I really think this collection is one of the most commercial/mainstream and best marketed. I could really see everyday girls wearing these clothes and easily incorporating them into their wardrobe. It also helps that the looks are based on a character. When you are looking at the slideshow of looks, I’m really seeing Serena, Blair, Jenny, and Vanessa. Du Juan (my favorite Asian model) cast as Blair made me smile. The only thing they have in common is the hair style, but somehow both exude elegance.

The items I selected under ‘
My Picks’ not only look good in the pictures but scored excellent reviews. Many have interesting details but are not too bizarre that no one want to go out in public wearing it. Many collaborations sound good but they don’t always translate well commercially. I remember being so excited about Alexander McQueen’s Collection- he had an amazing Fall 2008 collection based on a story of a wood nymph- but his Target collaboration left me scratching my head. Tattoo print prom dresses, anyone?

My Picks

Satin Striped Seersucker Dress - $59.99

Metallic Grey Feather Dress - $69.99
Reminds me of Burberry Fall 2008 RTW

Metallic Jacquard Ruffle Top - $39.99

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blah and Busy

Howdy folks, sorry about going skimpy on the blog but I’ve been feeling blah and busy. Sounds contradictory I know, but here’s why. So school started on August 25th and I decided to continue working part time for at least a little while because the pay is so great and the work is so not that bad. Of course that means I’ll be going to work before the crack of dawn and then working 7 hours before driving back and going to class. I’m out of the house for almost half the day. Of course when I’m not working/going to class, I melt into a puddle of blah. I have a friend who’s even worse. Every semester she takes 5 or 6 classes, works at least 20 hours a week and some of it’s unpaid, and is in at least 5 different organizations so she spends her evenings running around campus going to meetings or attending events. Yes the life of overachievers sucks. Yes, in fact it sucks the life out of us. Unlike her, I realize this kind of schedule is unsustainable so I’ve already told my boss that I’m leaving the company come mid-September. They’ve advertised the position and found a suitable replacement. I’m going to miss that place but quitting will definitely free up my schedule.

In the meantime, there's lots of fashion news I've been keeping an eye on. Spring 2010 NY Fashion Week is starting tomorrow!! I'm so excited even though I'm clearly no where near NYC, much less getting in to see the shows. However with my new iPhone, which is taking over my life, and's app, I can view the photos any place, any time. Which would be super for blogging if they get the pictures up promptly.

I'm also loving this Refinery21 article on fashion and food bloggers (I swear, my two favorite things). Great blogs like Luxirare, Maison des Reveries, and Cupcakes and Cashmere made the list. With a list this good, I'll definitely have to check out Blushing Ambition and Carb Lover Food Stylist.

Blushing Ambition

I always love high-low collaboration, if not the clothing, at least the idea. The latest one that caught my eye is the Christopher Kane for Topshop collection. The stuff looks amazing! ... And is also priced between $80-$300. Yikes, that's way out of my budget. To quote Kelly O'Reilly from the Thread: "With collaborations becoming almost generic, it would be a tragedy if their original appeal - designer designs at non-designer prices - fell by the wayside."

If you want to be in the know about all upcoming high-low collabs, definitely follow Nitrolicious. That update bunny has the best and earliest coverage.

As amazing as this collection is, I'm still holding out for Rodarte for Target coming this December! What designer collaborations are you excited about?