Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Back Into the Flow of Things

It’s been a month since I gave a little insight on how turbulent my life was at the moment. Since then I’ve found a job near my university which is a 2 hours drive from my parents’ house. I drove to my university campus four times the week I got the job; once for the interview, then for the paperwork and drug screening, again to look at housing, and finally when I started my first day at work. It was unbelievably hectic and draining.

I originally planned on finding a summer sublet but found a year lease that was just perfect- very close to my classes and well maintained. The advantage of a year lease is that I can move in during the summer and not have to move again when Fall Semester starts. The only problem was I needed housing asap, but the previous renters weren’t moving out for another two weeks. So I spent two week like a homeless person, moving around from place to place with everything I needed in a suitcase. Thankfully my friends were very nice about letting me stay with them for a few days.

I finally moved into my very first apartment a week ago (it feels longer). It’s still a little sparse with no furniture in the living room, but I managed to clutter it up with my junk and cardboard boxes. Still, it’s a step toward normalcy. Between working 8 hours a day, studying for the CFA exam on the weekends, and meeting up with friends occasionally, the days seem to go by so quickly yet feel so long. So quickly because I have so little spare time and the day is over before I know it; so long because what was only a week ago feels like it happened a month ago.

The past month was full of firsts. First time working in an office, first time being paid a decent wage, first time signing a lease (school dorm leases don’t count) and paying rent. I feel very accomplished right now. I just hope I don’t screw things up.

Image source: the movie Working Girl