Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Dazzling (Nineteen) Twenties

If I could be alive in any era just for the fashion, it would during the 1920s in America. I love the flapper "uniform"- short hems, beads, and feathers. Girls with short bobs and no inhibition. People letting loose and dancing. The 20s exude fun and glamour- at least on the surface. Since time travel is out of the question, it's a bit of a moot point trying to imagine living in that era. However an afternoon of online window shopping yielded some surprising 1920s-inspired treasures so I'll indulge in fantasy a bit more. Because of the recycling of trends and influences in fashion, some of today's designers are interpreting the flapper with modern twist.

Santi Beaded Clutch- $84.00

Gryphon Feather Dress-$644.00

Vera Wang Beaded Necklace- $850.00

Every girl needs some razzle-dazzle. Just one of the items above would make any outfit pop, but together...

... I think I just about died (from sparkle overdose) and went to heaven.

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