Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Sure Know How to Push My Buttons

And not in a good way this time. Usually is one of my favorite websites because it covers all of the major fashion shows. Also I sometimes go through the Style File Blog for quick fashion news. As I was skimming through the posts on Style File today, I spotted "Win A Internship". Huh, sounds like a pretty interesting sweepstakes. I read a few more lines and I go from excited to down right pissed. The whole thing is an auction where you bid to work for free and they have to audacity to value the 'opportunity' at $2500. Sure you get college credit and the money goes to charity but that's a complete rip off. Not to mention internships should be filled by people who work for them not people who can pay for them!! is in the business of pawning off overpriced designer goods that nobody actually needs (as much as we feel we need), but to actually pawn off work is unbelievable. Also, this is a internship not even a Vogue internship. To quote, you will be "assist[ing] the editors with the fashion closet, trafficking samples, requesting product, assisting photo shoots, helping out during fashion week in New York". The only people who would be willing to pay for this must be the rich parents of NY trust fund babies. Yeah, I can totally see Jessie from NYC Prep doing this.

On a complete utter tangent, Bravo put up full episodes of NYC Prep online so I can brain mush my weekend away.

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